Winter Wonder-fracking-land

Second winter storm within a couple of weeks. Second time the whole family is stranded at home and second time the girls enjoy a "snow week" (not a snow day... a whole snow week), spending their time between the various houses and gardens of the neighborhood, sledding, building snowmen and having fun.


Again, someone lied to me about that "Hotlanta" thing... All I've seen so far is rain, snow and ice! Ain't hot at all!

OK, OK, I know... I'll chew my own words before long, begging for some cold weather... just not that cold! 


The end of the world is nigh!

Yup. The end if the world is coming...

After the terrible storm that shut down Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, due to a massive 2 inches of fresh snow, this time, the local authorities have added the page "ice storm" to the local emergency guide book (also known as the "Book of Revelation") and have sent salt truck crews on errands for the last 24 hours, have declared the state of emergency and shut all of the schools around us down for the next 2 days. If you add these to the already scheduled Thu/Fri off and Presidents Day on Monday, that makes another full week of vacations for the kids... Forget Snow Days. I give you SNOW WEEK!

So, honestly, I am not sure if the real emergencies will be due to the ice accumulating on trees and taking most of the local power lines down, sending us on the way to the pre-Netflix dark ages or due to parents strangling their kids at home (because of the lack of Netflix). 

Food wise, well, if you like asparagus and onions, there's hope for you, because as of last night, that's all that was left at our local supermarket. if not, prepare yourself for a slow and painful agony, while waiting for the zombies to finally break in and eat your brains...

For the record, the catastrophic ice storm should send us in the... Wait... Let me check... 29°F/-1.5°C. OMG!

We're doomed... 

Shall I fully embrace the South?

Our basement also known as my cave is a great addition to our house and a massive benefit of our move to Georgia.

Sole (major) issue: due to current weather conditions, it is freaking cold down there and my feet are constantly freezing.

Time to finally invest in a pair of (ugly but confy) Crocs! 

A visit to the local store has the redneck, sorry, Camo (Duck Dynasty special edition anyone?) version left right and center.

For a short moment, I truly had to consider the following: "Should I fully embrace the South and "redneckify" myself? Maybe add a Ford F-150 to the mix?"


Sorry, couldn't do it! Ended up with gigs totally metro-sexual lime-green version!